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America’s mean girls star and hollywood actress lindsay lohan (lilo) announced via her instagram page yesterday that she will be opening a new nightclub in athens. It is reported she’s a part-owner of the new nightclub in gazi, (and her name’s above the door) with her friend dennis papageorgiou- a greek restaurateur. File under: something different, vegetarian friendly, bars. File under: american, bars, vegetarian friendly. The sleek interiors, quality food, celebrity djs, and inventive cocktails are all big draw cards but what is unique and fabulous about the bars in athens is they open during the day for coffee, snacks or desserts.

Nightlife in athens is not all about sophisticated wine bars and cutting edge cocktails the city’s underground clubs draw their own crowd, who find their happy place among sticker-covered walls, hypnotic lights, loud music and low ceilings. Going out in the evening in athens remember that as in other big cities, if you want to enter a stylish club or disco, it is advisable to go well dressed, as some clubs have selection at the entrance.

The city center is filled with bars and en vogue club in every area to please everyone’s tastes. The look:¬†sbc offers an indoor space with a bar and brewing equipment, as well as a big yard for live music, wrestling and other events. 7 jokers was launched quite some time ago in an area renowned for its coffee bars in the city’s administrative district, off syntagma square in front of parliament.

La villa vice is located in psyri area, a multistage space with bar and restaurant , it organizes several events every day like live music, dj parties, fashion shows etc 13 mykonou and aesopou street psyrri. Athens offers trendy restaurants, bars, and shops, and – of course – some of the world’s most famous landmarks: the acropolis and parthenon.

The star’s new boyfriend has opened up a nightclub in athens, greece, in her honour and put her name above the door. We have just given you a first taste of what athens has to offer in terms of nightlife. Features: full bar, counter service, outside seating. These nightclubs are the favorites of fun seekers especially those who want to unwind on a saturday night.

With an industrial baroque aesthetic, a top of the line sound and lighting system, and the best dj and live acts, combined with a unique approach to partying, lohan nightclub is redefining nightlife one party at a time. Drinks: large wooden bar serving beer, wine and cocktails with happy hour specials. It’s a busy and chaotic area but second-timers to athens will already be accustomised to the hustle and bustle of the city.

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